J-GLOBAL ID:200904068673131479  Research Project code:9800025914 Update date:Jan. 24, 1997

Study on development of basic technique for AIDS infection and crisis control (2) Study on development of regulation technique of HIV etc. targeting viral replication

エイズ等感染・発症制御のための基盤技術の開発に関する研究 (2)ウイルス増殖を標的としたHIV等の制御技術の開発に関する研究
Study period:1993 - 1995
Organization (1):
Investigating Researcher (7):
Keywords (5):
HIV(virus) ,  retrovirus ,  multiplication(biology) ,  control ,  cytotoxic
Research program: SCF Comprehensive Joint Research (General Research)
Research budget: 1995: \69,381,000

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