J-GLOBAL ID:200904069090869832  Research Project code:0250005647 Update date:Nov. 26, 2001

Synthesis of graphite thin film using the space between montmorillonite layers: Synthesis of acrylonitrile copolymer

粘土鉱物層間を利用した炭素フィルム合成 ポリアクリロニトリル誘導体の合成
Study period:2000 - 2000
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Research overview:
To compound montmorillonite with acrylonitrile(AN), methacrylic acid trimethyl ammonium chloride (MATMA) was copolymerized with AN. The resultant copolymer was light yellow and showed hygroscopicity. The reaction ratios in the copolymer were rAN=0.31 and rMATMA=2.08, and the copolymer was supposed to be a block copolymer. It was revealed that the introduction of the copolymer into the space between montmorillonite layers depends largely upon the amount of the copolymer added and the mol content of MATMA in the copolymer.
Research program: Ordinary Research

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