J-GLOBAL ID:200904069449407708  Research Project code:9800004553 Update date:Jan. 30, 2003

Visualization analysis of melt-flow plastics behavior inside an injection mold

Study period:1987 - 0
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Research overview:
The behavior of melt-flowing plastics inside a mold has been observed so far only by the short-shot method which is an objective method. However undesirable phenomena on injection molded products such as jetting, flow-marks, residual stress, etc., are relative to the flow behavior during the flowing, packing and cooling processes. Therefore a real-time measuring in a mold is thought to be only one possible method to reveal the phenomena clearly. This project aims to establish a new observation system of flow behavior within a mold cavity by using a glass-inserted metal mold and a compact CCD camera with strobe units. We are also going to construct an analyzing system of plastics flow on the basis of the above method and the image processing technique.
Keywords (10):
injection ,  macromolecule ,  image ,  indirect ,  glass ,  insert(fastener) ,  metal ,  video ,  flow ,  polymer
Research program: Ordinary Research

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