J-GLOBAL ID:200904069964877288  Research Project code:9800011077 Update date:Jan. 31, 2003

Fundamental studies on the early detection of the corrosion on the materials used in the primary coolant system of a nuclear reactor

Study period:1991 - 1994
Organization (1):
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Research overview:
The primary coolant of a nuclear reactor includes numerous useful informations to make a diagnosis of abnormality in pipings, instruments, fuel materials etc. We intend to establish the basic methods of foreseeing and detecting the stress corrosion cracking which may generate in the stainless steel materials of the system by investigating the dissolution of the material elements into the water as the function of the water quality, the heat treatment and the stress of the pipe materials.
Keywords (7):
reactor ,  cooling ,  water ,  stress ,  flaw ,  stainless ,  dissolution
Research program: Ordinary Research

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