J-GLOBAL ID:200904070183761657  Research Project code:9800002833 Update date:Jan. 30, 2003

Response observation of weak steel structure models under natural earthquakes

Study period:1982 - 0
Organization (1):
Investigating Researcher (2):
Research overview:
During an earthquake,a structure including the base and the surrounding ground makes complicated vibratory movements. Two weak steel structures, which are subject to plastic deformation under an ordinary earthquake of 4 to 5 JMM intensity scale, were constructed on the ground to observe the response of the structure to the natural earthquake. The measured data was analyzed to elucidate the mode of the vibratory movement of the structure and the process of the fracture.
Keywords (6):
steel structure ,  earthquake response ,  response analysis ,  model test ,  vibration response ,  earthquake-resistant design
Research program: Ordinary Research
Research budget: 1997: \500,000

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