J-GLOBAL ID:200904070207146088  Research Project code:0350013559 Update date:Jan. 21, 2005

Infestation biology of disease damage of above-ground parts : (2) Infestation of core breakdown disease of Japanese pear and a countermeasure against it

地上部病害の発生生態と防除 (2)ナシ芯腐症の発生と対策
Study period:2003 - 2004
Research overview:
Recently, core breakdown symptoms of fruits by the pear canker pathogen has infested especially in the pear 'Kosui', posing a problem. The period for the pathogen to infect fruits and the possibility of the effects for each type of the disinfectant are clarified, and a control measure is established.
Keywords (4):
disease damage ,  Japanese pear ,  core breakdown ,  canker
Project Organization (1):
  • (E169000000)
Research program: Ordinary Research

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