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Analysis of human immunodeficency virus type 1 subtype in Japan

性行為による感染で流行している HIV-1の解析
Study period:1998 - 1998
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Background: In Japan HIV-1 subtype B used to be predominant but recently subtype E infections were increasing especially among heterosexuals, and a few cases of subtype A and C infection were also reported. We investigated the distribution and risk factors associated with deferent HIV-1 subtypes in Japan. Methods:Peripheral blood mononuclear cells collected from 186 HIV-1-infected persons were analyzed for subtyping by a simple polymerase chain reaction method (B/E PCR) and by nucleotide sequencing of the env C2/V3 and the gag p24 region. Rcsults: 174 cases possibly infected in Japan and Southeast Asia (105 heterosexuals, 45 homosexuals, 24 hemophiliacs) were analyzed by B/E PCR. Of these 174, 85 were subtype B, 80 were subtype E and 9 were untyped. Subtype B was dominant in hemophiliacs infected with HIV-1 by blood products and in homosexuals. Among 105 heterosexuals, 80 were subtype E, 22 were subtype B and 3 were untyped. 59 out of 80 subtype E were foreigners from Southeast Asia and 21 were Japanese. Achronological shift of subtype B to E were observed between cases diagnosed before 1993 and after 1994 in Japanese heterosexuals. Among 12 cases possibly infected in Africa and Europe ( 11 heterosexuals, 1 homosexuals ), 7 were African and 5 were Japanese. Of 7 African, 4 were subtype C, 1A, 1E and one possibly recombinant strain of subtype C (gag p24) and subtype A (env V3). Of 5 Japanese, 2 were subtype D, 1A, 1E and 1G. Conclusions: HIV-1 subtype B are predominant in the hompsexuals.However, there was a trend of decrease of subtyoe B and increase of subtype E infection in the heterosexuals after 1994. Multiple HIV-1 subtypes which including A, B, C, D, E, G, and C/A were circulating in Japan. This is the first time HIV-1 subtype D, G and C/A strains are reported in Japan.
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HIV-1 Subtype ,  PCR ,  molecular epidemiology ,  dendrogram ,  系統樹
Research program: Ordinary Research
Research budget: 1998: \922,000,000

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