J-GLOBAL ID:200904071738997100  Research Project code:0150003857 Update date:Dec. 07, 2004

Study on testing method of milk and dairy products.

Study period:1987 - 0
Research overview:
1. On the measurement of the number of somatic cells in raw milk. As an countermeasure for upgrading dairy management and milk quality, prevention of latent mammitis using somatic cell number as index is widely performed all over the world. About 110 somatic cell counting instruments (Fosomatic) are working in raw milk inspection organizations in various districts in Japan performing screening of latent mammitis. The Japan Diary Technical Association works for maintaining and upgrading the accuracy of somatic cell counting instrument according to the accuracy management system decided by The Japan Milk Quality Improvement Cooperation. The association distributes standard milk samples since 1987 and participates to "International Ring Test", which is the international cross-check system organized by The International Dairy League
Project Organization (1):
  • (J250000000)
Research program: Ordinary Research

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