J-GLOBAL ID:200904071776460293  Research Project code:9800011705 Update date:Apr. 22, 1994

Planning and development of TSUGARUNURI products

Study period:1991 - 1993
Organization (1):
Investigating Researcher (3):
Research overview:
In this study, we planed a new manual for products development of TSUGARUNURI japanning, in order to change local market for TOKYO market. We give infomation of marketing news to TSUGARUNURI makers, to support designing process. For TOKYO market, we report a news from TSUGARUNURI japanning about the old works and young craftmen. We make the data base of KAWARINURI japanning, it made by image words and colour data and technical process.
Keywords (15):
database ,  product ,  industrial ,  wooden ,  painting ,  Aomori ,  market ,  metropolitan ,  interior ,  furniture ,  distribution ,  consumer ,  advertising ,  public ,  trial
Research program: Ordinary Research
Research budget: 1993: \1,545,000

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