J-GLOBAL ID:200904072322046154  Research Project code:9800046225 Update date:Nov. 30, 2001

Development of production and supply system for stored livestock feed to take effectively advantage of public pasture in the Kitakami mountains.

Study period:1997 - 2001
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Research overview:
Studies on supply system of good raw livestock feed to stockreders by taking advantage of large public pastuure in Tamayama area are planned, based on the experiment and stored kmowledges of the development technology about Tamayam area by Tohoku Agriculture Instiitute. Ordering new pasture, preparing a manual to use them and constructing support system to those areas are also carried out, along with considering an inflluence as a model in Iwate prefecture. 2) For production and supply of good raw livestock, following plan will be carried out: broadening the harvest period for pasture by taking advantage of new Phleum recently developed, selection of grass and species raised in the pasture fit for both feeding grass and grazing type and elucidation of the best combination for new and traditional species in raising them. 3) Creation of new grass fields by combining new and traditional species, production of good livestock and processes to supply them to stockbreeders are demonstrated, resulting in development of the technology to integrate production, adjustment and supply of good raw livestock. 4) Development of the technology to improve pasture by relatively easy approach is planned, followed by efficient use of the futile land in the public pasture.
Keywords (7):
Timothy ,  variety selection ,  cultivation management ,  production system ,  supply ,  pasture ,  utilization.
Research program: Ordinary Research

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