J-GLOBAL ID:200904072374736515  Research Project code:0450021444 Update date:Nov. 08, 2004

Preparation of a proton-conductive oxoacid salt sintered material by discharge plasma sintering and evaluation of its characteristics

Study period:2003 - 2003
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Rare earth orthophosphates with a part of the rare earth metal substituted with divalent cations shows proton conductivity in the temperature range from 500 to 1000 degree C. These phosphates, however, tend to cause precipitation of added divalent cations as an impurity phase and/or thermal decomposition of themselves when high sintering temperatures are used, and it has been difficult so far to form a dense sintered material by current ordinary-pressure sintering methods. Discharge plasma sintering provides a dense sintered material at lower temperatures than those for ordinary-pressure sintering owing to pressurized sintering conditions. A dense sintered material of a phosphate is thus prepared by discharge plasma sintering.
Keywords (3):
discharge plasma sintering ,  proton conduction ,  phosphate
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  • (E354000000)
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