J-GLOBAL ID:200904073053365660  Research Project code:0150000272 Update date:Mar. 13, 2006

Induction mechanisms on cold-inducible genes.

Study period:1998 - 2000
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Research overview:
Recently it has been found that cold is one of gene-modulators in bacteria and plants. The aim of this study is to identify cold-inducible genes in yeast and mammalina cells and to clarify molecular mechanisms of the cold induction of these genes. We have been using cDNA subtraction, differential display, DNA microarray for the screening of cold-inducible genes. Elongation factor-3 in yeast and mitochondrial ATPase subunit 6+8 in human hepatoblastoma cells were found to be cold-inducible genes.
Keywords (5):
cold ,  induction ,  mRNA stability ,  transcription ,  translation
Project name: Special Research and Development
Project Organization (1):
  • Agency of Industrial Science and Technology
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Research program: Interdisciprinary Researches(Special Research)
Ministry with control over the research :
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Organization with control over the research:
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Research budget: 2000: \60,000,000

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