J-GLOBAL ID:200904074070017922  Research Project code:9800040002 Update date:Dec. 02, 2008

Fishes epidemics prevention comprehensive promoting project

Study period:2008 - 0
Research field (1): General fishery studies
Research overview:
1) Purpose: We contribute to a stable and sound management of culture fishery by grabbing the actual situation of fish diseases and take appropriate countermeasures in marine reproduction and cultivation. 2) Background of the project: As the species of cultured fish are diversified, the breakout of new epidemics is frequent. Especially heterobotulium disease and white mouth disease of ocellate puffers, Edwardsiella disease of flatfish, PAV (acute viremia) of Japanese shrimp and flabobacterium psychrophirus of Japanese trout cause a serious damage and prompt and appropriate prevention measures are necessary to be taken to reduce the damage.
Keywords (5):
takifugu ,  flounders ,  tiger shrimp ,  sweetfish ,  fish disease
Research program: Ordinary Research

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