J-GLOBAL ID:200904074103785955  Research Project code:0250002642 Update date:Jan. 19, 2004

Study on combustion characteristics of solid propellant and a solid motor: Study on practical application of cavity ignition system

固体推薬および固体モータの燃焼特性に関する研究 キャビティ点火方式の実用化研究
Study period:2000 - 2001
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Research overview:
The cavity ignition method is a new idea of ignition method to simplify the present ignition method by the ignition motor which utilizes same material for the main feed agent and main propellant based on the basic design idea that the ignition motor main feed agent is integrated with the grain by leaving pressure vessel out and the cavity that plays the rolls of the combustion area/free volume and throat is preliminary formed at the top of it. Continued to the success in the small spherical motor DASH-DOM, it has been introduced into the redesign of the large L/D motor S-310 and the practical applicability has been proved by confirming good ignition property in the improved S-310-30 flight experiment, although some difficulty in the operation of the ignition booster was observed in the ground combustion test tools.
Research program: Ordinary Research
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Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

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