J-GLOBAL ID:200904074567564390  Research Project code:0250002850 Update date:Nov. 15, 2002

Development of network-connecting type embedded unit for data collection

Study period:2001 - 2001
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Research overview:
Linux, an open source operating system, has been publicly disclosed free of charge and its operation is stable. Linux is thus expected to be rapidly applied to system construction and industrialization of embedded instruments. This research intends to construct a system that remotely monitor interior of factories and instruments in factories, using Linux. In the current fiscal year, an embedded unit is trial produced that takes data such as temperature from network-connected instrument into itself, and transmits such data to the network. In this unit, a communicating program prepared with the development system constructed in the previous year is built in. With the use of this unit, temperature is measured, from remote places.
Keywords (7):
open source ,  Linux ,  embedded system ,  TCP/IP ,  temperature ,  remoteness ,  measurement
Research program: Ordinary Research

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