J-GLOBAL ID:200904074971561508  Research Project code:0350011438 Update date:Nov. 26, 2004

Effect on the colony forming units by solid surface adsorption of microorganisms and antibacterial agents (Support study)

Study period:2002 - 2003
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Research overview:
When a microorganism is attached on the solid surface, whether it is multiplied, dead or in dormant state is strongly affected by the surface adsorption characteristics. As it is strongly adsorped on the solid surface, the movement of it is limited and multiplication is suppressed at least in an oligotrophic condition. Data collection focusing on the change in adsorption by ethanol washing of plastics including fiber, glass and alumite plate, adsorption properties and washing resistance of antibacterial processing agent, resistance against sodium hypochlorate, hydrogen peroxide etc. is accumulated to promote antibacterial processing treatment.
Keywords (7):
microorganism ,  antibacterial agent ,  solid ,  surface adsorption ,  colony forming units ,  washing ,  phase solubilizing agent
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  • (E354000000)
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