J-GLOBAL ID:200904075098925367  Research Project code:0250001075 Update date:Feb. 03, 2006

Improvement in precision of depth-direction analysis with Auger electron spectroscopy

Study period:2001 - 2002
Organization (1):
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Research overview:
Depth-direction analysis with ion-sputtering is one of the important techniques of analysis in the Auger electron spectroscopy, and requests for this analysis are increasing in number in the Prefecture. The results of the analysis depend strongly on the instrument used, properties of specimen, and technique of operator. The Institute intends to participate the collaborative analysis activity held in the Special Group for Analysis for higher precision depth-direction analysis to be realized in the Institute. It also aims at precision depth-direction analysis for multi-layered thin films and the like, to cope with the needs in the nano-technology in future.
Keywords (5):
scanning Auger electron spectrometric analysis ,  nanometer order ,  surface analysis ,  depth analysis ,  ion etching
Research program: Ordinary Research

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