J-GLOBAL ID:200904075312536586  Research Project code:9800035595 Update date:Jan. 22, 2003

Study of magnetic and transport phenomena on low-dimensional compounds

Study period:1995 - 0
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Research overview:
It is well known that magnetic and transport phenomena of materials depend on the dimension of the systems. The present study deal with low-dimensional magnets and conductors. Magnetic properties of the layered compounds containing various transition elements, MX2, M'PX3 and their intercalated derivertives are studied, in relation to the dimensional cross over of the spin system. As a low-dimensional conductor, we study [LaO] [CuS] system and clarify the mechanism of the transport property.
Keywords (8):
copper ,  lanthanum ,  magnetism ,  electric ,  intercalation ,  layered ,  high ,  transition
Research program: Ordinary Research

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