J-GLOBAL ID:200904075903016743  Research Project code:9911003334 Update date:Nov. 18, 2002

Introduction and expansion of garden crops into rice-cropping in Minam-Minami-Sorachi area of Hokkaido and income- increasing measures

Study period:1999 - 2001
Research overview:
In order to promote introduction and fixation of integrated vegetable crops such as green onion and cabbage in the large-scale paddy field area in Minami-Minami-Sorachi of Hokkaido, improvement of cultivation technique, direction of leveling-off of the technique, conditions for the economic and managerial introduction of the vegetables, outlook of the introduction, and direction of strengthening the producing area are made clear. These considerations are of some contributions to build compensating measures for income-decrease in the rice-crop business. 1) Preparation of target-value for the introduction of floral organs into converted fields (promotion of technology, Central Agricultural Experimental Station, 1997). Technology of preparing man-made soil was worked out for floral organ production based on the improvement of physical properties of soil in the fields converted from paddy. Criterion of the improvement was set up. 2) Technology and conditions for creating wide area vegetable production in the paddy fields (Guiding reference, Central Agricultural Experimental Station, 1998). Characteristic of organization type for wide-area vegetable production in paddy fields was grasped, and procedures for deploying the production area and the ways of collecting, shipping, and selling the products were presented, for wide area merged agricultural cooperatives and wide area alliance organizations.
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