J-GLOBAL ID:200904076409934183  Research Project code:0250005749 Update date:Dec. 15, 2003

Measurement and evaluation of feeling in wearing based on physiological reaction

Study period:2000 - 2001
Organization (1):
Investigating Researcher (2):
Research overview:
To open designing of products with human physiological reactions and the sense of the skin into consideration, effects of sensitive stimuli to the skin in stress form upon physiological reactions and resultant changes of biological functions are examined. In this study, variation of the brain wave and heart rate are measured when a subject wears underwear materials having different wearing feels on e.g. sweating, and the relationship of the wearing feel with the reactions is investigated (sensual evaluation).
Keywords (5):
physiological reaction ,  skin sensitivity ,  wearing feel ,  electroencephalogram ,  heart beat fluctuation
Research program: Ordinary Research

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