J-GLOBAL ID:200904077039295204  Research Project code:0550028391 Update date:Oct. 26, 2004

Development of the manufacturing technique for low cost production of a beef cattle in year-round grazing

Study period:2004 - 2006
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Research overview:
Although a way of expansion has year-round grazing in the Aso area, it is the present condition that the merit of pasturage is not enough utilized from the reasons of the fattening technology of things or a grazed cow in which growth of the delivery interval by overlooking sexual excitement of the breeding cow accompanying pasturage extending and a grazed cow is overdue not being established. Then, examination of selecting the kind of the grass suitable for the grazing cow and its method of administration is performed. It combines and the establishment of fattening technology suitable for the grazing cow is aimed at. Moreover, efficient breeding management technology in pasturage is proved.
Keywords (4):
year-round ,  periodical artificial insemination technique ,  grazed cow ,  fattening
Research program: Ordinary Research

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