J-GLOBAL ID:200904078123413774  Research Project code:0250000072 Update date:Mar. 15, 2007

Technology-development for recyclable residence with particular attention to the regional characteristics of Northern Hokkaido

Study period:2001 - 2004
Research field (3): Building construction/material ,  Architectural environment/equipment ,  City planning/architectural planning
Research overview:
With respect to residential houses in Hokkaido, great effort has been concentrated on the improvement in their adiabatic and air-tight properties and durability, under the target image of the house set up for the whole Hokkaido. In the present research, target is further focused on the houses in Northern Hokkaido where the climatic conditions are harsher than those in the other district. Construction system suitable for this particular district is investigated in terms of energy-saving, adiabatic property, air-tightness, ventilating technique and heat-resistance, under the consideration on the social and district conditions, for the technology development of recyclable residence and its designing technique suitable for the district.
Research program: Cooperative Research

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