J-GLOBAL ID:200904081703872149  Research Project code:9800003701 Update date:Dec. 13, 2002

Molecular-basis studies on the function of idiotype-specific immune responses

Study period:1985 - 1994
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Research overview:
Immunoglobulin molecule carries unique antigenic determinants called idiotypes. An important feature of the idiotype bear on the Jerne's idiotypic network theory in which immune responses in one individual against his own idiotypic determinants may regulate a variety of immune responses. However, our knowledge about the functional idiotypic determinants at the molecular level have been limited. This project will be focused on the nature of idiotypes that interact with a variety of immune elements, including T- and B cells, in order to gain more insight into the mechanism of the regulation of the immune response.
Keywords (5):
immunological ,  T ,  B ,  idiotype ,  immunoglobulin
Research program: Ordinary Research
Research budget: 1994: \1,000,000

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