J-GLOBAL ID:200904081802538960  Research Project code:9911004551 Update date:Dec. 15, 2003

A study regarding sophistication of functions of hybrid FRP: On bending characteristics of hybrid FRP having a low-elasticity layer

Study period:1999 - 1999
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Summary: About reinforced hybrid FRP of high-elasticity PAN based carbon fiber and alumina fiber, we conducted bending test for comparison between FRP having a low-elasticity coefficient layer and FRP without such layer. As a result, breaking took place gradually from the AFRP layer on the pulling side on samples with a low hybrid ratio of the CFRP layer regardless of presence or not of low-elasticity coefficient layer, while high hybrid samples were destroyed from a crack produced to the CFRP from the boundary face between the CFRP layer and the AFRP layer on the compression side. However, the breaking strain in initial period greatly improved because the inner stress which probably results from thermal expansion is mitigated by the low-elasticity coefficient layer, improving the breaking strength in initial period by overcoming the influences of drop of elasticity coefficient.

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