J-GLOBAL ID:200904082252429331  Research Project code:0350010377 Update date:Oct. 19, 2003

Development of stable mass production technique for clone embryo using ES like cell

Study period:2002 - 2003
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Research overview:
Breed improvement of Japanese Black Cattle is much delayed in Hokkaido compared with other prefectures. We perform assay using whole brothers by embryo transplant technique and create seed cow. If an embryo-originated cow could be used for the assay of seed cow creation, improvement in the accuracy of assay, shortening of assay period and reduction of the number of cows required for assay may be possible. In Hokkaido, investigation on the similarities of the growth and fattening results has been initiated by producing early embryo origin clone cow in" Improvement in the efficiency of beef production ability assay of Japanese Black Cattle using fertilized egg transplant and clone technique" since 1998. Although the clone cow production technique has been much improved, it is difficult to secure production of the required number of the clone cow since the number of donor embryo is limited, and also since perfect freeze storage method has not yet been established, production of clone cow is often limited. Recently the embryo stem cell (ES cell) is noticed in which multiplication without limit (subculture) is possible by keeping the properties (undifferentiated) of early embryo by culturing the early embryo by special method. Strictly speaking, the ES cell strain has been established in only mouse and its efficiency is as low as less than 1%. The cell (ES like cell), however, that can be subcultured in the undifferentiated state is established in various animal species with relatively high rates. The ES like cell is provided with advantages: 1) secure several tens of cells by culture, 2) easy to freeze dry storage and capable of use at any time, that are not provided with the early embryo as donor cell. In addition, different from somatic cell adapted to the conservation and production increase in good cows, it is suitable for the improvement of the individuals for the purpose of producing seed cow. In this study, conditions for establishing the cow ES like cell strain are investigated and efficient culture system is developed. Also, nucleus transplanting using ES like cell as a donor cell is performed and efficient clone embryo generation conditions are investigated. Further, the clone embryo originated from ES like cell is transplanted and prove the birth. (Hokkaido Animal Research Center)

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