J-GLOBAL ID:200904082812908800  Research Project code:0550027572 Update date:Oct. 29, 2004

Optical Emission Spectroscopic Measurement of Oxygen and Nitrogen Plasmas Low Prerssure, and their Molecular Processes

Study period:1996 - 0
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Research overview:
We disuuss the characteristics of vibrational non-equilibrium of nitrogen discharge in terms of molecular processes in the discharge, which is found to be well-described by VV, Vt and eV processes. We also found characteristic variation of variation in gas temperature of oxygen plasmas with admixtures of noble gases.
Keywords (5):
Oxygen Discharge ,  Nitrogen Discharge ,  Rotational Temperature ,  Vibrrational Temperature ,  Molecular Processes
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  • (0192004000)
Research program: Ordinary Research

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