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Study on the formation of tailored blanks

Study period:1998 - 2002
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Research overview:
The application of tailored blanks to autobody parts has been developed rapidly. However, it is known that formability of tailored blanks is inferior to that of one sheet. In this paper, change in the limiting drawing ratio(LDR) of deep drawability on tailored blank were examined experimentally as a function of weld bead location in cylindrical and square shell deep drawing. In addition, press simulation analysis for different strength tailored blank was analyzed tailored blank model were composed high tensile steel sheet, cold rolled steel plates sheet, and weld bead. Considered location of weld bead in tailored blank, it is possible to form as well as one sheet. It is necessary to take a mechanical properties and size factor of the weld bead to obtain high precision result from press simulation. The tensile strength of TIG welded tailored blank materials depends to great extent on hardening aspect and width and direction of hardening of welding beads. Adequate consideration of position of welding beads may realize the critical draw ratio equal to raw plate. In order to acquire calculation results of high precision in simulation analysis of tailored blank material, it is necessary to take characteristics and width of welding beads into material model.
Keywords (6):
TIG welding ,  tailored blank material ,  deep drawing ,  critical draw ratio ,  draw ratio ,  FEM
Research program: Ordinary Research
Research budget: 2000: \1,134,000

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