J-GLOBAL ID:200904083762135070  Research Project code:0250004511 Update date:Jan. 29, 2009

Development of environment preserving type agricultural technique for mandarin orange and kiwi fruit

Study period:2005 - 2009
Research field (2): Plant pathology ,  Applied entomology
Research overview:
Establishment of effective fertilization method that does not decrease yield and fruit quality. Establishment of fertilization system for reducing chemical fertilizer. Establishment of integrated sod mulch method for reducing herbicide and high quality fruit production. Establishment of comprehensive control technique against disease and noxious insects using natural enemies and useful microbes. Physical and field husbandry control method against disease and noxious insects. Establishment and proof of comprehensive control method mainly based on less agricultural chemicals and less chemical fertilizer. Establishment and proof of the organic cultivation technical system.
Research program: Ordinary Research

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