J-GLOBAL ID:200904083812323301  Research Project code:0350011346 Update date:Oct. 08, 2003

Testing for the development of low phosphorous content feedstuff

Study period:2001 - 2002
Research overview:
In the carp aquaculture in Kasumigaura and Kitaura, it is obliged to use the "improved feedstuff" having a crude protein content not exceeding 36% to reduce the environmental nitrogen burden. Furthermore, in order to reduce the environmental phosphorous burden, a "low phosphorous content feedstuff" was developed as a result of consigning to Tokyo University of Fisheries. This kind of feedstuff was manufactured by consignment and used for a verification test netting preserves of practical scale. The test revealed that the feeding result was substantially equal to those with the "improved feedstuff", the remaining issue being cost reduction.
Keywords (3):
carp ,  aquaculture ,  low phosphorous content feedstuff
Research program: -
Research budget: 2002: \1,073,000

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