J-GLOBAL ID:200904083861974997  Research Project code:9800031567 Update date:Dec. 15, 2003

Search and study on the corrosion and deterioration countermeasures of incinerator materials : Search and study on corrosion countermeasures of the materials for grate, smoke washing tower and others

焼却設備材料の腐食・劣化対策に関する調査研究 火格子材,洗煙塔材等の腐食対策に関する調査研究
Study period:1994 - 1996
Research overview:
Investigation of corrosion cause and study on anti-corrosion material are achieved for grate material and smoke washing tower material which corrosion become problem. Analysis of corroded cross section by X-ray micro-analyzer, analysis of corrosion scale by X-ray diffraction apparatus and fluorescence X-ray analyzing apparatus, under mentioned commission investigation, are achieved. Investigation for corrosion cause and developing study of anti-corrosion material, are achieved.
Keywords (7):
incinerator ,  corrosion ,  corrosion ,  degradation ,  fire ,  waste ,  X-ray
Research program: -
Research budget: 1996: \29,690,000

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