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Evaluation of fruit body component of soybean genetic resource and survey for properties of genetic resources of major crops

Study period:2002 - 2005
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The genetic resources are the basic material for breed improvement of agricultural products in Hokkaido and the survey (primary and secondary survey) for their properties is very important as the base for the management and utilization (including breeding). The Genetic Resource Center stores and manages about 23000 items of genetic resource including those transported from breeders and collected independently. The survey for properties has been planned and carried out mainly with the primary survey corresponding to the request by the breeders. Recently, the request of the secondary survey including quality, component, disease resistance and so on, which are closely related to, the breeding of new varieties is increasing. Plant Genetic Resource Center carried out the primary survey on the stored genetic resources according to the plan (Primary-Third plan: 1990-2001). The results of them are used as a reference data for the classification of the genetic resources or selection of crossing mother plants in the breeder but some are left as not surveyed as yet. 2189 of paddy rice (corresponding to 62% of stock genetic resources), 684 of soybean (14% ibid), 2595 of red bean (73% ibid.) and oats (about 700 owned by breeder) are not surveyed yet and a in a part of vegetable many are left uninvestigated. It is necessary to clarify the their basic properties to use effectively. On the other hand, development of the soybean varieties adapted to tofu is desired since planting in converted paddy field is encouraged. Elucidation of the properties of the soybean genetic resources owned by the Center is required to select breeding material efficiently. Thus the primary survey is performed in the order of urgency on the uninvestigated genetic resources of paddy rice, oats, beans and vegetables and the database of these properties is provided to contribute to the application of the genetic resources to breeding material of new varieties and also the analysis of fruit body component of soybean is carried out as a secondary evaluation item for tufu under the close cooperation with breeders. (Hokkaido Plant Genetic Resources Center)
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植物遺伝資源 ,  特性二次評価 ,  大豆子実成分 ,  特性一次評価 ,  水稲 ,  大豆 ,  麦類 ,  カボチャ
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