J-GLOBAL ID:200904084521368754  Research Project code:0250003425 Update date:Dec. 15, 2003

Countermeasure for laborsaving and automation in house cultivation and establishment of high quality and high production technique: (4) Cultivation method for watermelon: 1) Establishment of bearing stabilizing technique under unstable weather conditions

施設栽培の省力化・自動化対策と高品質、高生産技術の確立 (4)スイカの栽培法 1)天候不順時の着果安定化技術の確立
Study period:1998 - 2001
Research overview:
In order to stabilize bearing of watermelon under unstable weather, effect of change in microclimate in house on opening of anther, rate of germination of pollen and bearing is elucidated. The result indicated that the fruit-setting of 'Kansen' (brand of watermelon) brand cultivated with semi-forcing in greenhouse was stabilized with setup of the lowest temperature of 9.6 degrees C.
Keywords (4):
watermelon ,  cultivation method ,  bad weather ,  stable fruit-setting
Research program: Ordinary Research

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