J-GLOBAL ID:200904085133064723  Research Project code:0350014153 Update date:Dec. 20, 2004

Establishment and evaluation of preparation method of needle-like titanium oxide fine grains having photo-catalytic function

Study period:2003 - 2003
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Research overview:
In order to prepare size-controlled needle-like fine grain titanium oxide (TiO2) photo-catalyst, we establish a preparation method that does not need any special equipment and uses reaction under relatively mild conditions. Based on the alkoxide method to obtain TiO2 fine grains by hydrolysis of titanium alkoxide as starting material in organic solvent, we investigate reaction conditions such as solvent, kinds of alkoxide, reaction temperature and so forth. With a gas-detecting tube or GC-MS, evaluation on photo-catalytic functions is performed by measuring a level of decomposition of VOC or acetaldehyde taken as an object to be decomposed by a photo-catalyst.
Keywords (5):
titanium oxide ,  photo-catalyst ,  needle-like ,  environmental purification ,  alkoxide
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  • (E354000000)
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