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Selection of Good Sake Yeast

Study period:2005 - 2005
Research field (1): Food science
Research overview:
We tried to get the mutant yeast of alcohol tolerance from Kyoukai No.1001 and No.1601. We obtained 83 mutations from Kyoukai No.1001 and 47 mutations from Kyoukai No.1601. Three strains showing characteristics of high alcohol and low acidity were chosen for testing via tube culture and fermentation. The No.21, a mutant of Kyoukai No.1601, showed good result in sensory evaluation but for showed high amino acidity compared with the control Kyoukai No.1001. The M10, a mutant of Kyoukai No.1001, had no advantage over the control. The S40, a mutant of Kyoukai No.1001, showed low acidity compared to the control, high alcohol and sensory evaluation. However, the latter part of moromi fell into sluggish pace of fermentation. Therefore, mutant yeasts of the No.21 and M40 were suited for junmaishu, but each yeast had problems in practical use.
Keywords (7):
sake yeast ,  alcohol tolerance ,  Kyoukai No.1001 ,  Kyoukai No.1061 ,  No.21 ,  M10 ,  S40
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