J-GLOBAL ID:200904086776272850  Research Project code:9800032594 Update date:Nov. 20, 2003

Thermal transition of micellar structure formed by intermolecular compound between surfactants and phenol derivatives

Study period:1995 - 1997
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Research overview:
Aqueous solution of equimolar mixture between surfactants like CTAB and phenol derivatives like o-iodophenol exhibits striking viscoelastic behavior even in highly dilute solution at room temperature. Microscopic observation shows that the solution contains gigantic rod-like micelle. The solution becomes normal viscous solution on warming. This means that there might occur a drastic change in the micellar atructure during heating. It is our purpose to clarify the energetic as well as entropic aspects of the structural change.
Keywords (10):
molecular ,  micelle ,  micelle ,  molecular ,  phenolic ,  surfactant ,  aqueous ,  temperature ,  viscoelasticity ,  intermolecular
Research program: Ordinary Research
Research budget: 1997: \800,000

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