J-GLOBAL ID:200904087561024534  Research Project code:0450024091 Update date:Sep. 17, 2004

Study on measures to improve living environment based on the evaluation of residential renovation process

Study period:2004 - 2005
Research overview:
Since the introduction of the elderly care insurance system in 2000, interest in housing renovation (improvement) has been growing as well as the number of renovated houses has been increasing. People involved in the renovation process, however, are professionals of elderly care or welfare and they have no expertise in architecture. Meanwhile, living environment cannot be improved only by people with architectural knowledge. Those who understand the elderly's physical characteristics and way of life only cannot solve these issues, too. This study will present a method of housing renovation, by analyzing and evaluating renovation works in the past for each of many factors such as techniques, financial resource, professionals involved in and the elderly's physical conditions and by examining the keys to success and failure and appropriate solutions.
Project Organization (1):
  • (E369000000)
Research program: Funded Research
Research budget: 2004: \819,000

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