J-GLOBAL ID:200904087878220436  Research Project code:0150002062 Update date:Mar. 28, 2001

Analysis and grasp of dynamic state of vanishing process of hole nest of woodpecker

Study period:2000 - 2001
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Research overview:
The study elucidates that the hole nest bored by the primary nest setting variety, how long can be used by the secondary nest setting variety, and the preserving index is obtained by the relation between supplying amount and vanishing amount of hole nest. The state variation of hole nest bored by the primary nest setting variety, is chased by time coordinate to specify the vanishing and destroy reason of net hole bored by the preliminary nest setting variety, to estimate the density of hole and to analyze the variation with time progress. The resistograph to investigate the rotting state in the tree trunk quickly and destructively is needed to specify the reason of destroy of trees having hole nest.
Research program: Ordinary Research
Organization with control over the research:
Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute

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