J-GLOBAL ID:200904088806756028  Research Project code:9800009025 Update date:Mar. 01, 1994

Studies on the mechanisms of thiabendazole (TBZ) -induced teratogenicity

Study period:1981 - 1993
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Research overview:
It has been reported that some of benzimidazole compounds, like TBZ, can be combinded with tubulin protein. Since microtubuls consisted of tubulin are related to cell division, itis possible that the impediment in cell division will affect the following processes of genesis, inducing abnormality. In this study, the influence of TBZ on cytoskeleton is investigated by using cultured cells.
Keywords (9):
thiabendazole ,  teratogenicity ,  tubulin ,  protein ,  microtubule ,  cell ,  abnormality(disease) ,  cultured ,  cytoskeleton
Research program: Ordinary Research

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