J-GLOBAL ID:200904089430006452  Research Project code:9800037876 Update date:Dec. 12, 2003

Study on production test of high level cow group using external fertilization technique

Study period:1996 - 2000
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Research overview:
As import of cattle is liberalized and the solid non-fat content is added in the standard of milk trade, the profit of cattle agricultural farmer must upgrades the entire group of cow to the cows that produce high embryo of milk and produce milk of high protein (main content of non-fat milk). For that purpose, entire group of cow must be improved by using the impregnated ovum that is imported from North America. Our study includes practical use of the test of male/female discrimination technique that is necessary for improvement of cow.
Keywords (6):
dairy ,  animal ,  milk ,  embryo ,  fertilized ,  dairy
Research program: Ordinary Research
Research budget: 1997: \15,744,000

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