J-GLOBAL ID:200904090023156391  Research Project code:0350013685 Update date:Jan. 21, 2005

Investigation research of the deep sea water from Okinawa for industrial use.

Study period:2000 - 2003
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Research overview:
The deep sea water intake facility in Kumejima conducts water intake and separation for utilization and research and development for marine and forestry related sectors and various industrial products. For further development and use of deep sea water in many fields, it is necessary to conduct analysis of various ingredients and make clear regional characteristics, condition of presence of each ingredient, configuration and seasonal variances. In the research, maintenance of analysis equipment was made in FY 2000, the analysis circumstance was prepared and, at the same time, proper analysis method and analysis condition for each ingredient were studied. This year, following FY 2001, collecting the deep water and surface water and the surface water of the Kumejima coast by Okinawa Prefectural Deep Sea Water Laboratory, main ingredients, nutrient salts and trace metals were analyzed and the data were obtained. As a result, it was confirmed that many of the ingredients of the deep water were stabilized throughout the year, that the water temperature, the pH, and dissolved oxygen were lower when compared with the surface water and that the nutrient salts such as nitrate nitrogen, phosphoric acid and silica showed higher values. On the other hand, a difference in density from the surface water was seen in part of trace metals.
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  • (E555000000)
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  • TAIRA Naohide

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