J-GLOBAL ID:200904090131091697  Research Project code:0450025458 Update date:Dec. 01, 2004


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Research overview:
Amino acid transport across the plasma membrane is mediated by various amino acid transport systems. Recently, amino acid transporters corresponding to most of the classical amino acid transport systems have been identified. Amo ng them, heterodimeric amino acid transporters (HAT) are unique, because the y are associated with single membrane spanning glycoproteins via conserved c ysteine residue. In this study, we report a new isoform which belongs to HAT family. We found one DNA fragment which has high similarity with Asc-2 tran sporter, one of HAT family members, in human genome and EST database. We nam ed this new member Asc-2 like transporter and obtained this full length clon e. Interestingly, Asc-2 like transporter has only 6 membrane spanning domain (other HAT family members have 12 membrane spanning domain) since there is a stop codon in the middle of its coding region. This half size transporter with 230 amino acids has 64% identity to N-terminal region of Asc-2 transpor ter and has a conserved cysteine residue for putative hetero-dimerization. N orthern blot analysis showed that Asc-2 like transporter is localized predom inantly in kidney. The study of this new member will contribute to further u nderstanding about amino acid transport system in kidney.
Keywords (1):
Asc-2-like transporter
Project name: Characterisation of Asc-2-like transporter
Project Organization (1):
  • Kyorin University School of Medicine
Researcher representative of the project  (1):
  • Sirinun Nilwarangkoon
Research program: Public/Private Cooperative Joint Researches
Ministry with control over the research :
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

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