J-GLOBAL ID:200904090789392216  Research Project code:9800008770 Update date:Mar. 09, 1994

Establishing healthy vegetable production techniques using soil purifying function by rich water resources

Study period:1990 - 1993
Research overview:
1) As a soil purifying effect by the flooding water method, its effect in a autumn sowing negi (a Welsh onion) cultivation will be studied, 2) influence of rice straw applying quantity as the organic resource and compost and chemical fertilizer quantities on autumn and winter negi will be studied for improving purification functions by flooding and organic materials and 3) influence of using covering materials for controlling vermin on the growth of autumn negi in seedling fields and the generation of vermin.
Keywords (15):
Allium ,  water ,  soil ,  impounding ,  soil ,  cleaning(purification) ,  soil ,  compost ,  fertilization(cultivation) ,  chemical ,  coating ,  nursing ,  field(agriculture) ,  pathogen ,  insect
Research program: Ordinary Research
Research budget: 1993: \0

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