J-GLOBAL ID:200904091098804816  Research Project code:0550027721 Update date:Nov. 30, 2004

Elucidation of the ecology of insects belonging to genus Scepticus and establishment of control technologies

Study period:2004 - 2006
Research overview:
Insects of genus Scepticus have long been known to be an important pest to burdock, carrot, and the like. They began to cause damages to carrot, Welsh onion, radish, peanut, and so on a few year ago. It is a big problem in the field. The ecology of these insects are clarified to establish a control measure.
Keywords (4):
noxious insect ,  insects of genus Scepticus ,  control technology ,  elucidation of ecology
Project Organization (1):
  • Chiba Prefectural Agriculture Research Center
Research program: Ordinary Research

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