J-GLOBAL ID:200904091446147069  Research Project code:0250000003 Update date:Dec. 15, 2004

Research for utilization of insect properties 1) Creation of new materials, by utilization of insect 2) Modeling of insect properties and their utilization

昆虫機能利用研究 1)昆虫機能を利用した新材料の創出に関する研究 2)昆虫生体機能模倣とその利用に関する研究
Study period:1996 - 2005
Research overview:
Insects are the greatest un-utilized resource on the earth. Investigation of the properties of insects and the development of new technologies based on these properties will play a significant role in the creation of new industrial fields in the 21st century. On the basis of the latest scientific and technological knowledge and utilizing our numerous previous studies in the field of sericulture, we will conduct studies which will contribute not only to agriculture but also medicine and industry. Field I: Creation of new materials, by utilizing insects. The mechanism of biosynthesis of compounds in insects is analyzed at the molecular level. These moleculars are modified chemically or by some other means. In addition, systems for large-scale production of these substances are developed. From these steps, biomaterials with novel properties will be created. Field II: Modeling of insect properties and their utilization. Properties of features specific to insects, e.g., sensory functions, stimulus perception, information processing, exoskeletal structures and motor functions (flying, walking, etc.), will be analyzed, with the goal of obtaining keys to the development of future technologies such as biochips, biosensors and micromachines. (k2001.10)
Keywords (14):
insect properties ,  antibacterial protein ,  anti coagulant ,  chemical modification ,  silk protein ,  chitin ,  insect factory ,  mass production of useful protein ,  gene targeting ,  silkworm genome ,  baculovirus ,  olfactory prosessing in the insect brain ,  micro-machine ,  modeling of insect properties
Project name: Research for utilization of insect properties
Project Organization (1):
  • National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences, Independent Administrative Institution
Researcher representative of the project  (1):
  • TAKEDA Satoshi
Research program: SCF System for Establishment and Support of Center's of Excellence
Ministry with control over the research :
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Research budget: 2001: \50,000,000

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