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Study on effective utilization of the Miyagase Lake Study on fixing ecology of the Lake Sturgeon, Acipenser fuluescens

宮ヶ瀬湖有効利用研究 ミズウミチョウザメ定着生態研究
Study period:1997 - 2006
Research overview:
The construction of the main part of the Miyagase Lake dam is completed and water started to be poured in in 1995. When filled with water, it will be one of largest scale artificial lakes almost equal to the Ashinoko Lake in the greater Tokyo metropolitan area. The birth of the dam can be viewed as a destruction of nature but is also the emergence of a new natural environment. It is expected that the lake can meet diverse needs and promote regional revitalization, by preserving the water quality to protect the local natural environment and enhancing the growth of appropriate fish varieties. A fresh water fish with an aptitude for high temperature, lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens), which originally comes from the U.S., is the candidate fish as the symbolic fish of the lake. This study aims at examining the ecology of the sturgeon by nurturing imported fish in a test pool at this Institute for 2 years and then in a lakeside pond filled with the lake water for 3 years. The fish will be stocked in the lake depending on the result of the settlement test using the lake water. 1) Settlement test and ecological study using a test pool. 2) Examination on the degree of settlement using a pond filled with the lake water. 3) Test on liberation to the Miyagase Lake.
Keywords (5):
Acipenseriformes ,  reservoir(water) ,  liberation(aquatic) ,  culture(fisheries) ,  ecology(mode
Research program: Ordinary Research

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