J-GLOBAL ID:200904091788449237  Research Project code:0250005814 Update date:Jul. 17, 2008

Study on development of ceramics of advanced function with nano-composite construction

Study period:2001 - 2002
Organization (1):
Investigating Researcher (3):
Research field (2): Structural/functional materials ,  Material processing/treatment
Research overview:
A composite material made by dispersion of electroconductive ZrB2 in beta-spodumene was developed that can generate heat with induced heating. With the increase of volume ratio of ZrB2, resistivity decreases exponentially, and addition of more than 30 vol.% gave resistivity in the order of 10-4 ohmega cm. In this composite material, nanometer-class glass layer is formed on the interface berween 2 particles of ZrB2, and indicated influences on conductivity. Dispersion of nano-particles is shown to enhance toughness of the material.
Research program: Cooperative Research

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