J-GLOBAL ID:200904091924647986  Research Project code:6000001418 Update date:Dec. 06, 2007

Technique to evaluation of preventive effect in diabetes-complications using SEAP reporter assay

SEAPリポーターアッセイを用いた 糖尿病合併症に対する予防効果の評価手法
Study period:2005 - 2005
Research field (1): Food science
Research overview:
Aldose reductase(AR) is one of the cause in diabetes-complications. Suppression of this gene expression may prevent the diabetes-complications. In this study, technique to evaluation of suppression of AR gene expression were investigated using SEAP reporter assay. Examined 5 food-extract, Arctium lappa(Burdock) and Perilla frutescens(Shiso) were determined high suppression ability. Our results suggest that Burdock and Shiso may prevent diabetes-complications.
Keywords (4):
diabetes ,  Aldose reductase ,  SEAP ,  reporter assay
Researcher representative of the project  (1):
  • MAEDA Yutaka
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