J-GLOBAL ID:200904092276791010  Research Project code:9800018085 Update date:Dec. 20, 1996

Study on processings and physical properties of advanced materials

高性能金属材料の加工プロセスと物性評価に関する研究 金属間化合物の加工性改善に関する研究 急冷凝固材料の開発と利用に関する研究 その他3テーマ
Study period:1992 - 1995
Organization (1):
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Research overview:
The study is conducted to develop the working process which enhance the ductility of some brittle materials such as intermetallic compounds. The materials are prepared by rapid solidification, unidirectional solidification and conventional processes, and the mechanical properties are studied by taking account of their microstructures changes. Consideration are also given to develop the computer simulation techniques, in which mechanical properties are predicted from the process condition of each material.
Keywords (8):
mechanical ,  intermetallic ,  rapid ,  unidirectional ,  workability(machining) ,  grain ,  green ,  alloy
Research program: Ordinary Research
Research budget: 1995: \0

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