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New thinking for globalism, from East Asian viewpoints

Study period:2002 - 2002
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For development of science and technology, the Western civilization (philosophy) based on the one-dimensional sense of values, the root for the modern science, was indispensable, but the forced integration of the world into the one-dimensional sense of values has resulted in severe impairment of the balance of existing orders. A large sign of change of flow of the time, an issue of the terrorism, which is a serious karma the present society faces, or a turning point for the civilization itself on which mankind should base the 21st Century, was seen in the occurrence of the simultaneous multiple terrorist attacks on 9.11 in the U.S. The strategists in the U.S. who call themselves neo-conservatives stress on the viewpoint that consensus construction by force is possible, but the future world is heading for construction of the paradigm that respects pluralistic harmony, in other words, a direction for construction of the world where each member coexists in harmony is sought making a protocol for mutual interaction as keeping the diversity and originality that each society or culture possesses. For the concrete idea, framework and method comprising the latter paradigm, discussion will be made with learned individuals of East Asia which the cultural background is common, and when the common understanding is possible, then next further discussion will be able to be made with learned individuals of different cultural backgrounds. The research aims at preparation of a springboard for discussion thereof.
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globalism ,  security ,  Japan-U.S. Asian policy ,  science and technology ,  21st Century issues
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