J-GLOBAL ID:200904092953204410  Research Project code:0250000229 Update date:Nov. 15, 2004

Improvement of disease resistance of lowland rice actively utilizing upland rice as genetic resources

Study period:1999 - 2003
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Research overview:
A new lowland rice cultivar with excellent disease-resistance and suitable for cultivation with saving or no agricultural chemicals is bred by introducing an excellent disease-resistance property of upland rice into lowland rice, from the strain (Akitakomati/ Ishioka No. 15, F9) obtained by crossing a lowland rice cultivar with Ishioka-strain which is lowland rice for upland cultivation and has similar characters as those of lowland rice though is classified as an upland rice. F5 strain, 165 strains and F6 strain, 10 strains which showed strong resistance to leaf blast disease were selected from strains obtained by crossing the above strain with lowland rice strains. Further, 13 strains were selected from BC1 and F3 strains obtained by backcrossing the lowland rice strains. As to stripe leaf blight disease, a new detection method in which inoculation by small brown planthoppers was greatly simplified was developed in last fiscal year, and 74 strains which showed resistance to stripe leaf blight disease were selected from the strains of the above combinations utilizing this method.
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陸稲 ,  水稲 ,  いもち病 ,  縞葉枯病 ,  耐病性
Research program: Ordinary Research

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